About Me

Jeff Rade

Software Engineer and Leader with over 15 years of experience in development, cloud infrastructure, security and mentorship with various sized companies. I've held many different technical roles as a polyglot developer with extensive knowledge in many different tech stacks.

Pragmatic in nature, I put an emphasis on working solutions over meetings and road maps. Great architecture comes from robust, resilient, reliable and secure systems coupled with modular and easily maintainable code that is built by engineers with autonomy.

Great leaders evoke trust, lead by example and are technically savvy in their space. The opposite of that is a boss that creates unnecessary noise, struggle to solve problems and stifle quality and innovation. No matter your title or skill level, you should always continue to learn, teach others and stay humble in doing so.

How well you know a subject can be measured by how well you can teach it. That's why I believe teaching yourself and then teaching others is a great way to gain real knowledge. I prefer, and also advocate for, writing code (or hands-on configuring) over reading books (books are great for reference) to learn a new programming language, networking, infrastructure or security.

Having an academic background in Mathematics, I have gravitated towards cryptography throughout my career. I have built various solutions involving end-to-end encryption, PKI, OAuth and APAKE protocols.

Below is a list of some accomplishments and projects:

  • keypost.io: A developer and CI/CD friendly password manager.
  • Slackcrypt: End-to-end encrypted messaging in Slack.
  • flashpaper-rs: A cryptographic secret sharing site (hosted at flashpaper.dev).
  • Lead development in provisioning AWS dev environments and Kafka consumer/producer app clients for automotive marketplace company.
  • Lead platform improvements in code reusability, middleware performance and technical mentorship for corporate hospitality startup.
  • Improved security, expanded platform capabilities and lead engineering for a mobile startup in real estate.
  • Conducted over 250 interviews and proudly leveled-up a few colleagues along the way.